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Lets see how you can use Pine both with local mail and with POP3 mail, without using fetchmail or some other tool to get POP mail first. First you will want to use multiple config files: pine -p localmail pine -p popserver1 pine -p popserver2 You need to configure Pine to use your POP3 server. In the program go to Setup, Config. com/pop3/user=myid}INBOX Now restart Pine and it will ask you for your password and connect to the remote server, and use it just like if you were accessing local mail.

The root account, and other system accounts should be in that file. The file /etc/ftpaccess is a bit more complex and controls the behaviour of the FTP server. It tells it what to use as README file to display on a directory listing, what kind of logs to create and what messages to display. Note that if you create an anonymous FTP area, you will need to read the FTP man page and do exactly what it tells you to avoid possible security risks. 30 100 Linux Tips and Tricks 31 Hardware What this chapter covers Hardware support has once been a very big problem with Linux.

When you configure a kernel, the menu from which you must choose which devices you have in your computer is actually a list of device drivers available to you. Here is how to configure your kernel: cd /usr/src/linux make menuconfig Linux, still not being as popular as some other operating systems, can't support all of the existing hardware. If you have a device that is not in the list, then you will need to search for it on the Web. Some drivers may exist for Linux and not be in the default kernel.

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