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Some market participants for whom a 15- to 60-second latency is too long will use their own computer programs to estimate the underlying value of the ETF on a more real-time basis. If the ETF is trading at a discount to its underlying value, investors may buy ETF shares and/or sell the underlying securities. The increased demand for the ETF should raise its share price and the sales of the underlying securities should lower their share prices, narrowing the gap between the ETF and its underlying value.

These investment companies often have preset termination dates, and in conjunction with a slowdown in the creation of new UITs, the total number of UITs has declined substantially. Additionally, closed-end fund sponsors shut down four more funds than they opened in 2010. Sponsors of ETFs, however, opened 130 new funds, on net, in 2010. 10 Number of Investment Companies1 by Type Year-end, 1995–2010 Mutual funds 2 Closed-end funds ETFs 3 UITs Total 1995 5,761 500 2 12,979 19,242 1996 6,293 497 19 11,764 18,573 1997 6,778 487 19 11,593 18,877 1998 7,489 492 29 10,966 18,976 1999 8,003 512 30 10,414 18,959 2000 8,370 482 80 10,072 19,004 2001 8,518 492 102 9,295 18,407 2002 8,511 545 113 8,303 17,472 2003 8,426 584 119 7,233 16,362 2004 8,415 619 152 6,499 15,685 2005 8,449 635 204 6,019 15,307 2006 8,721 647 359 5,907 15,634 2007 8,747 664 629 6,030 16,070 2008 8,884 643 743 5,984 16,254 2009 8,617 628 820 6,049 16,114 2010 8,545 624 950 5,971 16,090 Investment company data include only investment companies that report statistical information to the Investment Company Institute.

3 ETF data prior to 2001 were provided by Strategic Insight Simfund. ETF data include investment companies not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and ETFs that invest primarily in other ETFs. Sources: Investment Company Institute and Strategic Insight Simfund 1 16 2011 INVESTMENT COMPANY FACT BOOK Investment Company Employment Fund sponsors and third-party service providers offer advisory, recordkeeping, administrative, custody, and other services to a growing number of funds and their investors.

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