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To destroy Air-to-Cround Missiles ' command and buried and hardened targets such as AGM-86D (AGM) 9 bunkers, the control employs a unitary penetrating warhead. Guidance System: The AGM-86B : uses an (TERCOM) aided by Terrain Contour Matching Inertia! Navigation System (INS) to strike the target. An INS uses gyroscopes and accelerometers (instruments which detect motion) to determine changes its in relative positions. The drift use as the sole guidance system in inherent the in an INS AGM-86B, system compares the elevation of the terrain electronic maps to make it corrections to the INS system.

Military Nomenclature: BLU-1 18 Name: Thermobaric Warhead Description: bunkers. The BLU-1 18 destroys caves, tunnels, and underground The bomb uses the sanne penetrating warhead as the BLU-1 09. Engineers simply replaced the high explosive used in the BLU-1 09 with a ther- mobaric explosive (PBXIH-1 35). Thermobaric explosives generate greater pressures than traditional explosives and heat wave the overpressure and in blast a confined space such as a tunnel of the thermobaric explosion will travel farther than that of a high explosive.

A MK-83 Description: to Bomb bomb general-purpose filled increases the time the bomb can spend important feature aboard an aircraft a fuel in fire PBXN-109, an with explosive less sensitive to heat than traditional explosives. This characteristic before explosion, an The re-designation as BLU-1 10 carrier. ordnance personnel to the bomb's thermal protection. Developed alerts MK-80 1950s, the series cylindrical shape craft carry bombs hung on hard targets. and parks, an important factor when high-speed that reduces drag, gets vulnerable to blast their wings.

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