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By George Grote

Greatly stated because the such a lot authoritative learn of historical Greece, George Grote's twelve-volume paintings, began in 1846, proven the form of Greek background which nonetheless prevails in textbooks and well known bills of the traditional international at the present time. Grote employs direct and transparent language to take the reader from the earliest instances of mythical Greece to the dying of Alexander and his new release, drawing upon epic poetry and legend, and reading the expansion and decline of the Athenian democracy. The paintings presents motives of Greek political constitutions and philosophy, and interwoven all through are the real yet outlying adventures of the Sicilian and Italian Greeks. quantity 10 covers the interval from the Peace of Antalkidas to the second one conflict of Mantinea, and in addition takes up the tale of Sicily from the destruction of the Athenian excursion to the interval of the tyranny of the Elder Dionysius.

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4. 3 Compare Isokrates, Or. iv. ) s. 187, 188—with Isokrates, Or. ix. ) s. 77The war was not concluded—and Tyre as well as much of Kilikia was still in revolt—when Isokrates published the Panegyrical Oration. ) or from his naval defeat about a year or two afterwards; for Isokrates does not make it quite clear from what point of commencement he reckons the six years. , in which year an Athenian fleet was sent to assist the latter (Xenoph. Hellen. iv. 8, 24). ] SUBMISSION OF EVAGORAS.

451. One of these princes however is mentioned as bearing the Phoenician name of Siromus (Herod, v. 104). 3 We may gather this by putting together Herodot. iv. 162; v. 104114; with Isokrates, Or. ix. (Evagoras) s. 22. 4 Isokrates, Or. ix. ) s. 23, 55, 58. ivr)V, OVT ijnropico xpo^'"Jv< °vre Ai/jeva KeKTrjfX€vrjV, &c. Up\v fiiv yap Xa/3eiv Evayopav TTJV apxrjv, OVTCOS dnpocroiuTuis Kai 5 HISTORY OF GREECE. Evagoras dethrones the Phoenician, and becomes despot of Salamis. C. 411410. [PART II. Notwithstanding such untoward circumstances, in which the youth of the Teukrid Evagoras at Salamis was passed, he manifested at an early age so much energy both of mind and body, and so much power of winning popularity, that he became at once a marked man both among Greeks and Phoenicians.

Appendix, ch. 18. p. 317) countenances the same date. VOL. X. C 18 g HISTORY OF GREECE. valuable a deposit brought to him, forgot everything else in his avidity to make it sure, and put to death Tamos with all his children1. C, we find Nephereus king of Egypt lending aid to the Lacedaemonian fleet against Artaxerxes2. C), during the years immediately succeeding the victory of Knidus, and the voyage of Pharnabazus across the iEgean to Peloponnesus—we hear of that satrap as employed with Abrokomas and Tithraustes in strenuous but unavailing efforts to reconquer Egypt3.

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