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27-' ANALYTICAL TABLE OF CONTENTS. —Of some Beasts of Europe which the Spaniardes found at the Indies, and how they passed thither. Fiei'ce and wild beasts the same as in the Old World Indian hunts called Cham . . Tigers and beasts . . Bees and honey . . . • . —Of Fowles which are heere, and are at the Indies, and hoiv they could passe thither. P a r t r i d g e s , pigeons, h e r o n s , eagles Parrots . Birds m i g h t pass t h e sea H e n s a n d eggs . . . . . 275 . 2 7 5 . . 2 7 5 276 .

THE NATURAL AND MORAL History of the Indies. In which are discussed the notable things of the heavens, the elements, metals, plants, animals ; and the rites, ceremonies, laws, government, and wars of the Indians. COMPOSED BY THE FATHER JOSEPH DE ACOSTA (A Priest of the Company of Jesus). DEDICATED TO THE MOST SERENE INFANTA DONA ISABELA CLARA EUGENIA DE AUSTRIA. 1608. In the Year With Licence. Printed in Madrid, in the house of Alonso Martin. Juan Berrillo, seller of books. 1 LADY,—The King's Majesty, our Lord, having given me permission to offer to your Highness this small work, entitled The Natural and Moral History of the Indies, it should not be attributed to me as want of consideration, to desire to occupy the time which is so fully spent by your Highness in matters of importance, by diverting it to subjects which, in treating of philosophy, are somewhat obscure, and, as describing barbarous races, may seem out of place.

Of Pacos, Huanacos, and Sheep of Peru. U s e s of llamas a n d alpacas . L l a m a s beasts of b u r d e n . . D i s e a s e of l l a m a s . . . 289 . 290 . —Of the be-o'ir stone. Bezoar stone found in llamas, etc. Virtues of the bezoar stone . . . 294 THE NATURAL HISTORY. THE FIRST BOOKE Of the Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West Indies. the opinions of some Authors, which supposed that the Heavens did not extend to the new-found world. CHAP. —Of THE Ancients were so farre from conceypt that this newfound world was peopled by any Nation, that many of them could not imagine there was any land on that part; and (which is more worthie of admiration) some have flatly denyed that the Heavens (which we now beholde) could extend thither.

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