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By Leonard Unthank Salkield (auth.), Maurice J. Cahalan (eds.)

Whether the Phoenicians and t he within the south-west of the Iberian Carthaginians ever really labored Peninsula there's a gigantic pyritic the mines , or have been in basic terms investors, is mineral ised area, referred to as the no longer sure , yet after 205 BC, whilst Andevallo, extending from close to they defeated the Carthagi nians, the Seville to south of Lisbon, a space Romans introduced their very own males expert a few a hundred and fifty kilometres lengthy and 30 in mining and metallurgy. kilometres huge. The Romans occupied many of the The Rio Tinta Mines , that are the Iberian Peninsula for six hundred years , greatest of this "pyrites belt" , lie till approximately 425 advert - the newest within the quarter referred to as Andalusia, Roman cash discovered at Rio Tinto exhibit a few ninety kilometres north-west of the pinnacle of Honorius who was once emperor Seville and seventy five kilometres north-east from 395 to 423 advert. Mining needs to of Huelv8 . they've got a truly lengthy have declined with the invasion of background, courting again to pre-Iberian Barbarians within the fifth century and the days; then got here the Iberians , a race next entr y of the Visigoths who of North African foundation (Turdetarian have been finally absorbed into the and Tartessian) , the Phoenicians , the folks of Spain. In 711 advert the Carthaginians , the Romans , the Moors, Moors invaded the Peninsula from the Spaniards and the British. It North Africa.

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More detailed information on production is contained in Appendix 10. Heap Roasting cir ca 1890 - 42 - I CHAPTER 8 I Early metallurgical operations ofRTC cover). Teleras were built 100 ft long, with a maximum width of 16 ft, between 10 and 15 ft high, and with hemispherical ends. In building a telera , rough flues were made on the levelled ground, using loose stones to give a cross section of about 15 in wide and 18 in high. These flues ran across the telera, at about 15 ft intervals, and connected to two chimneys, one at each end; the chimneys were raised in rough stones in the course of building the telera.

Rua Figueroa gives analyses of two precipitates ; the first removed from pig iron, the second collected as sludge from ceme ntation tank bottoms , as follows : 65 . 64% Metallic Fe 3. 77% 1. 13% ND 2. 14% Graphite C Insoluble ND = 2. 15% 6 . 66% not dete r mined The pr ecipitate was made into balls of about 10 cm diameter and dried, either in the sun or on a hot floor heated by brushwood, then calcined in a vertical brick furnace fired with brushwood. The depth of charge in this furnace was about 1.

Smelting of cupreous pyrites should be increased - for better copper recovery, saving in pig iron for cementation and increased copper production. A large adit or tunnel should be constructed to traverse all the lodes at a level 196 metres below the Santa Ana pithead - this tunnel being capable of taking waggons to be moved directly to Huelva on the projected railway . It was believed that by making these improvements the cost of copper would be reduced from 5,600 reales per tonne to 4,400 if the first recommendation was implemented , to 3,200 if recommendations 1 and 2 were implemented, and progressively to 2,800 and 2,500 by implementation of the further recommendations.

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