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By John Stuart Mill

This quantity includes approximately 375 letters from J.S. Mill. integrated during this checklist are Mill's letters to Henry Cole and Theodor Gomperz.

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Atheist, perhaps: since, as Ellis says, those who are infidels in tithes, are necessarily infidels in all the other doctrines of religion. The Courier has already expressed some inclination to see "a well-seasoned mess of impiety from Carlile, dished up by the Morning Chronicle. ''26 By the way, Black is doing 22Thomas Robert Malthus ( 1766-1834), "Political Economy," Quarterly Review, XXX (Jan. 1824), 297-334. , 1823, p. 2 (in Newspaper Writings, CW, Vols. XXII-XXV [Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1986], Vol.

2, quoting from both its account on the 28th and the Chronicle's reply. Mill had himself at the beginning of 1823 written five articles over the signature "Wickliff," protesting against the prosecution of Carlile, his wife, and sister. Three of these were published under the title "Free Discussion" in the [Apr. 1825] To John Bowring admirable service--particularly think, must smart under his lash: as usual, "writing an Essay for nothing; & Place is doing every speedy return, I remain &c 7 with respect to the unpaid magistracy; who, I he is the greatest enemy they have.

The views of the Westminster on the matter were in the event expressed by Mill himself: "The Corn Laws," Westminster Review, HI (Apr. 1825), 394-420 (in CW, Vol. IV, pp. 45-70). W. Whitmore either could not, or would not, write an answer to McCulloch. Mill, however, took the pamphlet mentioned in the next sentence, Whitmore' s A Letter on the Present State of and Future Prospects of Agriculture, 2rid ed. (London: Hatchard, 1823), as the occasion for his "Corn Laws," in which he argued against Sept.

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