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TW/GW/KW: Tera-Watt, Giga-Watt, KiloWatt, unit measures of energy; 1012 watts, 1 billion, and 1,000 watts, respectively. PROINFA: The Program of Incentives for Alternative Energy Sources; a policy created by the Brazilian Parliament in April 2002 to encourage usage of alternative energy. UNDP: United Nations Development Programme. PTC: Production tax credits; they provide credits based on the amount of energy produced each year. USDA: United States Department of Agriculture. PV: Photovoltaic Solar Energy; Solar PV utilizes silicon PV cells to produce energy generation.

Biomass: According to the DOE, biomass is the United States’ single largest existing source of non-hydro renewable electricity production. 59 Private entities that generate electricity from biomass are eligible for a PTC. A lter native Energy: A Global Survey 34 A Global Survey of Alternative Energy Policies The President’s 2007 Budget also increases the DOE’s biomass research funding by 65%, to a total of $150 million. Biofuels: Over the past decade, the US federal government has implemented a range of both supply- and demand-side incentives intended to increase biofuel production.

96 Instead, Japan is importing ethanol from Brazil. 97 Biodiesel production is essentially nonexistent. 98 Geothermal: Japan’s volcanic activity is conducive to generating geothermal power. 100 However, only one new plant has been constructed since the mid-1990s. A lter native Energy: A Global Survey 51 Brazil Brazil has the largest population and economy in Latin America, and is also the largest energy consumer in Latin America. 101 Brazil’s sugar cane-based ethanol can be produced more efficiently and at a lower cost than the corn-based ethanol produced in the United States.

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