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Think Twice About Accepting Favors. Whatever helpful bullies do for you will cost you more than you ever dreamed. Debts once incurred can never be repaid. Don’t Even Think of Criticizing Them. They have never done anything improper, ever. The angrier you get at their denial, the calmer and more rational they will become, showing all the world that you are the one with the problem. Don’t Think That Being Really Nice Will Make Them Be Nicer to You. Helpful bullies believe that their helpfulness in pointing out your foibles is the very essence of being nice.

Always let people know up front what’s in it for them. Learn from Winners. Pay close attention to what successful people do, rather than judging their actions. What did the political suck-up who got your promotion do that you aren’t doing? How about that coworker who makes more than you? Schmooze Upward. In most places, information is the coin of the realm. You won’t learn much of value sitting in your cube or gossiping with your buddies in the break room. Never miss an opportunity to chat informally with people above you.

Survival Scenario 13 Autopilot You’ve done it again, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t. What was it this time? You said yes when you should have said no? Understanding Craziness 31 You blurted out more than you wanted to say when you were angry? Or maybe you put off saying something you needed to say until it was almost too late. Maybe it was all of the above. Inside, you’re beating yourself up, because you know better. You hope that next time it will be different, but you fear that you will keep making the same mistakes over and over.

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