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Less desirable than C. arabica, it is suited to a much wetter climate, and is in demand for the manufacture of instant coffee. Believed to be one of the diploid parents of the allotetraploid Coffea arabica. Coffea eugenioides A wild diploid coffee of eastern Africa, of no commercial value, but it is believed to be a parent of the allotetraploid Coffea arabica. If an attempt were made to re-create Coffea arabica, this species would become scientifically important. Coffee See: Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora, and Coffea eugenioides.

Crops are often defined by their ultimate purpose. Thus, cash crop, subsistence crop, food crop, fodder crop, etc. Crop architecture The shape of crop plants and, hence, the nature of the crop itself. For example, the bean varieties of one species may have either the determinate habit, or they may be climbing vines. The latter are useful for climbing up maize plants in mixed cropping, while the former are more suitable as a pure stand, and for mechanical cultivation and harvesting. The miracle wheats and rices of the Green Revolution are dwarf varieties that can tolerate high rates of nitrogenous fertiliser without lodging.

Being matched, the vertical resistance stops functioning, and it is said to have broken down. In a wild pathosystem, which has genetic diversity, breakdowns occur only in individual host plants. In a crop pathosystem, which has genetic uniformity, the breakdown involves the entire cultivar, because every allo-infection, from plant to plant within that crop, is a matching infection. Because some matching always occurs, vertical resistance is temporary resistance. Because horizontal resistance operates against matching pathotypes of the parasite, it does not break down in this way; it is durable resistance.

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