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Certainly without an infor­ mation store, no system whatever could be automatic. Go to 40 12 from 36 This is the end of our first chapter which has simply outlined the simplest relationship between the input and the store and the arithmetic unit. The control carries out the instructions and transfers numbers from store into the arithmetic unit, to be operated upon, and then transfers the results back into store. The computer operates automatically, and represents both numbers and instructions (these are both called computer words) in binary code, a language of O's and l's.

G. Ol/A/B/C). (5) He must code the programme. (6) Then he must test it. Would you normally expect a programme to work first time on the computer? Turn to 57 12 from 57 A programmer has to organize the total programme. He has to arrange the instructions properly, code them and test the programme. This is vital because the computer must work automatically. A digital computer is automatic by virtue of being able to store a great deal of information involving both instructions and numbers. If it had no store, it could not be automatic.

37. False. 40. True. 34 from 28 The one instruction would have to tell you to add twice. In general, although we only need the single instruction word to add, we have to use it twice. So we have to say ADD 1 to 2 and ADD (1 + 2) to 3 meaning this to be carried out by two instructions. Go to 30 35 from 30 ΑΌΌ/A/B/D ΑΌΌ/D/C/E What number have we now got in ΕΊ Go to 33 12 from 31 General view of a digital computer. T. 1301 computer with card reader, card punch, paper tape reader and paper tape punch.

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