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Anna had used a tyrolean once on a recreational climb in the Rockies. For some reason they gave her the willies where a good vertical ascent failed to. Maybe it was that one had to lie horizontal. Gravity seemed more virulent when one's back was turned to it. " she asked. Her insecurities were showing. "Me and Holden," Iverson said. "I sure hope we were sober," Holden added. "From here on we're in new country," Oscar said, and Anna could hear the quiver of anticipation in his voice. " "Nope. Neither of us.

She's agitated, and it is not helping her medical condition any. " A chilling image filled Anna's mind: herself crouched and whimpering, fear pouring like poison through her limbs, shutting down her brain as the cave closed in around her. Adrenaline spurted into her bloodstream, and she could feel the numbness in her fingertips and a tingling as of ice water drizzling on her scalp. To hide her thoughts she rubbed her face. " Iverson asked. Anna scrubbed the crawling sensation from her hair with her knuckles.

Anna knew that at times of high drama, along with concern for the injured and the desire to be of help, there was an overpowering need to be a part of the adventure. In a way she'd cheated Lisa out of that. "Climbing I'm comfortable with," Anna said. " The three of them were in a largish room outside the chief of resource management's office in a building down the hill from Oscar's office. It was of the same soft-hued native stone as the other buildings. The inside was clean and open with a beautiful old fireplace filling one wall.

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