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Reinherz, E. L. 1983. complex. J. Exp. Med. 157:705 Reinherz,E. , Kung,P. , Schlossman,S. E 1980. Discretestagesof human intrathymicdifferentiation: analysis of normalthymocytes and leukemiclymphoblastsof T lineage. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 77:1588 Reinherz,E. , Huss~ey, R. , Schlossman,S. E 1980. A monoclonalantibody blockinghumanT cell function. Eur. J. , DeMay,J. , Goossener, J. G. 1980. OKT3:a monoclonal anti-humanT lymphocyteantibodywith potent mitogenicproperties. J. lmmunol. 124:2708 Chang,T.

Perhaps moreimportantly, monoclonalantibodies directed against T3 strongly decreased cytotoxicity of JT9, indicative of the central role of the 20KD Annual Reviews HUMANT-CELL RECEPTOR Table 8 Influence and CT4~ of anti-HLA and anti-Ia Effector clone: Target: Annu. Rev. Immunol. 2:23-50. org by HINARI on 08/27/07. For personal use only. Antiserum Medium w6/32 anti-p29/34 antisera on effector JT9 K562 Molt-4 a81 89 90 75 81 73 Laz 221 66 79 70 functions 37 of clone JT9, CT8m CT81I ! CT4T~ Laz 156 Laz 156 72 22 66 38 39 3 specific lysis (standard deviation <15%) glycoprotein in this effector function.

10:97 3. Zinkernagel,R. , Doherty,P. C. 1975. H-2compatibilityrequirementfor T cell mediatedlysis of target infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. J. Exp. 141:1427 4. 5. 6. 7. , Chiller, J. 1979. I/. Finespecificityof T cell activationwith cytochromec and derived peptides as antigenicprobes. J. Exp. J. Nature294:460 Cerottini, J. C. Clonalanalysisof cytolytic T lymphocytes andtheir precursors. 4:622 Doherty,P. C. Surveillance of self: cell-mediatedimmunity to virally modified cell surfacedefinedoperationallyby Annual Reviews 48 8.

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