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By Jorge Rabassa, Maria Laura Borla

This symposium, held in Argentina in March 2003, commemorates Otto Nordenskjöld’s 1901 excursion, and can pay tribute to the Swedish and Argentinian explorers who took at the problem of early fieldwork in Patagonia and Antarctica. This subject matter is prolonged to incorporate contemporary fieldwork within the typical sciences within the Archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, the Antarctic Peninsula and the sub-Antarctic seas, and celebrates the fruitfulness of continuous Swedish-Argentinian clinical cooperation.

The symposium and linked actions happened within the towns of Buenos Aires, l. a. Plata and Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), and this e-book incorporates a collection of the main major contributions offered on the assembly.

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Caldenius’ car trapped in a peat bog, somewhere in Patagonia during fieldwork. Figure 19. Caldenius’ original map of Patagonian and Fuegian glacial geology. to correlate the various varve sections studied. Though the paradigm for these studies, based on “telecorrelation” of supposedly coeval global cold episodes, has been already replaced, these studies remain as a fundamental investigation onto which we should sometime return. Caldenius’ glacial chronology was later revised, as Caldenius himself had predicted it would happen, thanks to later investigations in the Patagonian Andes, and specially, 18 Antarctic Peninsula & Tierra del Fuego thanks to the absolute radiometric dating techniques which, of course, were not available in Caldenius’ times.

3. : Dos años entre los hielos. Author edition. Buenos Aires, 1905. 4. : El Alférez Sobral y la soberanía argentina en la Antártida. EUDEBA, Buenos Aires, 1976. 5. : Contributions to the Geology of the Falkland Islands. Wiss. Ergebn. Schwed. , 1901–1903, 2 (2). Stockholm, 1908. 6. : On the Geology of Graham Land. 19–74. 7. : On Quaternary deposits and changes of sea level in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. 93–119. 8. : Geological investigations in the Cordillera of Tierra del Fuego. Acta Geographica, 4 (2).

As a consequence of Otto Nordenskjöld’s expedition to Antarctica 1901–1903 a continued and intensified cooperation between Swedish and Argentinean scientists was established. The young Sub-lieutenant José María Sobral who participated in the expedition as the first Argentinean in Antarctica became interested in geology and also a great friend of Sweden. He gave up his military career to become a geologist and went to Sweden for studies in geology. 1 Its topic was the Precambrian bedrock in the Nordingrå region, a beautiful and interesting area that has recently been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

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